Everything you need to know about the Indian food cooking methods

Are you fascinated by the way Food is prepared? No doubt, the method of cooking a meal is the best way to make it wholesome and as nutritious as it can be. From frying to sauteing, there are different options to cook a meal. Now if I talk mainly about one cuisine and that is Indian Food which is highly known for serving authentic meals. The demand for Indian meals at the restaurant is not adjusted among the Indians, but there are people from around the globe who get fascinated with this cuisine type.

Different Indian food cooking methods

Different cooking methods are used at the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne to make the Food wholesome. No doubt, it’s essential that the meal is cooked correctly so that the Food can get itself in edible consistency, making the taste buds delightful. Here is the list of cooking methods that you will often hear about getting used to at the Indian restaurant:

  1. Grill
  2. Pan-fry
  3. Deep fry
  4. Sauté
  5. Boil
  6. Simmer
  7. Blanch
  8. Steam
  9. Roast
  10. Bake
  11. Sear
  12. Poach
  13. Broil
  14. Braising
  15. Stewing
  16. Tempering

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In this blog, i am going to make you familiar with some of those cooking methods so that you know how your Food is prepared whether you visit the restaurant for dine-in or you get the delivery:

  • Sauteing (Bhuna)

The Indian version is sauteing, which means Bhuna. It is used for vegetables or meat, and then several fresh spices are added, which makes it aromatic. In this type, both wet & dry cooking methods are combined. To get this done, different vegetables are cut or chopped evenly and then in some oil; it is lightly fried along with several Indian spices. Some Indian food options prepared with this are Bhindi masala, lamb curry, aloo gobhi, and much more.

  • Deep frying

Deep fry is the method to make crispy Food in which food items are fried & then everything is dipped into the hot oil. The bottomed pan is used, and everything will be kept in there till the time it does not get golden brown. Some of the food options for use are papad, bhajis, and samosas.

  • Tempering

Tempering is another way to cook Indian Food, which is a great way to add flavors to the dish. Although, it is the last step in cooking Food which takes the entire meal to a whole other level. Some of the famous food options for which it is used are bhuna masala, rogan josh, sambar, and much more.

  • Steaming

Steaming or dum means sealing the Food. This method reduces the need for boiling water to a great extent & the temperature in the same is maintained to the right level. It’s one of those cooking methods that keep the nutrients intact.