Binge Kitchen menu brings out to you the healthiest breakfast food options

With every meal, our preference is to have the best, tasty, and healthy food. It’s like the meal served to you at one of the best restaurants is something that makes your taste buds go all crazy. Specifically, when it’s the first meal of the day: BREAKFAST, you don’t want to compromise on the flavor. So, when you choose one of the best Restaurant In Sydney, you need to carefully go through the restaurant menu to see what all options they have and whether it’s the food options which you are looking for not. In this blog, I will make you familiar with the breakfast food options that are not just tasty but healthy with every bite to calm your hunger pangs.

Tasty and healthy breakfast food options

When in Sydney, here are the food options you should give a try out:

  • Bacon & Egg Roll

Now, how can you go wrong with bacon and egg roll? Indeed! The bacon roll is difficult for many people to resist at any cost. So, the combination of fried eggs & bacon roll is a delight and the blend of sauce of your own choice.

  • Breakfast burrito

Are you a burrito, baby? The breakfast burrito is something you should have as your breakfast option. The barito combines different tasty things like crispy kale, scrambled egg, baked beans, avocado & grilled tomato wrapped in a tortilla.

  • Breakfast burger

Do you like burgers? Here’s one more reason for you to make your breakfast as enjoyable as possible. You can have a breakfast burger at Binge kitchen. It is made with grilled grass-fed beef, fried egg, crispy bacon, American cheese with Texas BBQ sauce on a brioche bun with hash brown.

  • Egg benedict

Egg benedict includes the two poached eggs, crispy kale, homemade hollandaise sauce with bacon, smoked salmon, and ham (you can choose any one from the three options), and then freshly baked croissant.

  • Smashed avo

HEY, their avocado lovers. Make your breakfast as healthy and tasty as possible with two poached eggs with crumbled feta and diced tomato.

  • Dukkha eggs

Dukkha is coated with two poached eggs and served with avocado and homemade baked tomato and beans.

  • Omelette with Sourdough

Do you love to have an omelette? Do try out this option from the Binge Kitchen menu. Choose the toppings of your choice from spinach, onion, tomato, and mushroom. You can even have something from the extras, like smoked salmon, ham, bacon, olives, and cheese.

  • Green Goodness Bowl

Do you think your diet does not have enough greens? In that case, you can have the green goodness bowl like Sauté Kale, Avocado, Broccoli, Edamame, Quinoa, Mix Seeds, Poached Eggs & Zaatar served with a Toast.